Bunker Barges

Bunker Barges

  • Loading bunker barges.
  • Providing uncompromised quality of products and services
  • High loading rates.
  • Automatic measurements.
  • Equipped with hydraulic gangway..
  • Equipped with marine loading arms.

Sonker provides a state of the art facility at a strategic location with a potential to turn Sokhna into a regional hub for storage, bunkering and trading activities.

  • Head Quarter:
    Tel: +20-224-149-944
    Fax: +20-224-148-877
    Sonker Bulk Liquids Terminal (SBLT):
    Tel: +20-062-359-6660
    Fax: +20-062-359-6661

  • info@sonkerenergy.com

  • Head Quarter:
    29 Farid St, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.
    Sonker Bulk Liquids Terminal(SBLT):
    Basin-3, Sokhna Port, Suez, Egypt.