Master Plan

Sonker Today

Sonker is currently handling the following commodities:

Commodity Storage Capacity (m3)
Gasoil 100,000
LPG 150,000
Ammonia 110,000

Green ammonia

Sonker shall contribute in reducing the climate change and in the preservation of a cleaner planet with a smaller carbon footprint by being the prudent operator that gives access to the green energy products, via SBLT green ammonia export hub.

Master plan

The complete development of SBLT shall include Propane, Methanol, Chemicals, Bitumen and Bunker fuels storage facilities.

Sonker provides a state of the art facility at a strategic location with a potential to turn Sokhna into a regional hub for storage, bunkering and trading activities.

  • Head Quarter:
    Tel: +20-224-149-944
    Fax: +20-224-148-877
    Sonker Bulk Liquids Terminal (SBLT):
    Tel: +20-062-359-6660
    Fax: +20-062-359-6661


  • Head Quarter:
    29 Farid St, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.
    Sonker Bulk Liquids Terminal(SBLT):
    Basin-3, Sokhna Port, Suez, Egypt.